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Minutes from January 12th Meeting

Thank you, Margaret Perkins, for hosting our Jan. 12th meeting at the Medway Public Library! We had 14 attendees and a lively discussion. If you have not done so, please introduce yourself and submit your 2nd title.

“Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death” by M.C. Beaton
Cozy Mystery Genre

  • General Characteristics: Not very scary, often filled with “tropes” and person who is murdered is usually “jerky” – Laura B.
  • Sentence Structure is sharp, shorter, easy to read and fun – Stefanie
  • Wit is gentle humor – Louise
  • We agreed that the characterizations are the most important aspect of a cozy mystery with setting a close second. Plot can be a bit see-through.
  • We also agreed that there is a certain comfort in reading cozy mystery series in that we enjoy seeing where the characters go. If they do not grow, we might abandon a series

Our observations about Agatha Raisin:

  • She was an outsider and was fiesty
  • There was little dialect in the story so easier to read
  • Town played as a character. Most of us enjoyed the descriptions as they created a strong sense of place. Town was insular
  • Agatha herself was viewed as annoying, amusing, lonely. Some of us really liked her but most didn’t warm up to her. There was a question of if she grew in later books. Mary, who’s read most of the series, stated that Agatha did not change over the course of the series very much.
  • We enjoyed some of the secondary characters, esp. Roy, and some of the humor – old couple, ladies group