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mjain@minlib.net (Meena Jain)

Welcome to the MetroWest Reader’s Advisory Roundtable! My name is Meena Jain and I am the Directory of the Bacon Free Library in Natick. This is my first foray into organized Reader’s Advisory and I’m looking forward to learning from everyone.

I enjoy reading most everything but I especially like Fantasy, Romance and Suspense. I also read Women’s Fiction and Biographies. I definitely do not have enough time to read as much as I would like – you know what they say – So Many Books, So Little Time! Just another reason to share our knowledge for ourselves and our patrons.

paghababian@minlib.net (Pam Aghababian)

I am the Young Adult librarian in Bedford. I read widely within YA, but when it comes to adult fiction, I usually stick to fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

joellent@comcast.net (Joellen Toussaint)

Before coming to Wellesley library I sold books for 14 years at the Book Stall in Wellesley

lreed@minlib.net (Liz Reed)

Hi all! My name is Liz Reed and I’m an Adult Services and Information Librarian at the Morrill Memorial Library in Norwood. I’m so happy we’re starting a reader’s advisory group in Metrowest! We’ll be able to build our RA skills and get to better know our colleagues.

I usually cycle between many different genres to get a reading balance, but I do love mysteries. I’m looking forward to wherever this group takes us!

lgagnon@cwmars.org (Lisa Gagnon)

Hi, my name is Lisa Gagnon and I am the Assistant Director/Reference Librarian at the Harvard Public Library.  I read a variety of genres.  My favorites are romance, historical fiction, non-fiction, biographies, spy thrillers and YA. I am looking forward to meeting everyone!

marypersyk@hotmail.com (Mary Persyk)

I have worked at the Medfield Library for over 10 years and now serve as a substitute in Reference, Children’s, and the Circulation Desk.  I participated in Stef Aucoin’s Reader’s Advisory project and that re-awakened my interest helping patrons find the ‘next best book ever’.

kmay@minlib.net (Kate May)

Tell us something about you: I am a reference librarian at the Winchester Public Library. I maintain a “sure bets” list to help my colleagues  with suggestions and the patrons when they are stuck and can’t find what to read next.  I love to read historic fiction, thrillers, cozy mysteries, literary fiction and biographies. I hope to broaden my reading and genre study by participating in the roundtable

sallison@minlib.net (Susan Allison)

Tell us something about you: I work at both the Medway and Medfield Public libraries as a library assistant, wearing many different hats.  I love to read just about everything, so it’s hard to choose just a few favorites!   I love literary fiction, historical fiction, fantasy & sci-fi, graphic novels, mysteries, poetry, classics, children’s lit and humor.  I guess the only genre I don’t really read is non-fiction.  I greatly enjoyed participating in Stef Aucoin’s year long Reader’s Advisory project at the Medfield

Library and I am so excited about joining this group.  I’m always thrilled that a part of my work is sharing my thoughts about books and recommending a patron’s next perfect read.

saucoin@minlib.net (Stefanie Aucoin)

Tell us something about you: Hi All!  I generally go by Stef and have worked at the Medfield Public Library for the last three years before recently transferring to the Needham Public Library as a Reference Librarian/AV Specialist.  Funny choice for a Readers’ Advisory specialist? Not really, many of the skills we learn about print genres can translate quite well to film genres 🙂  I love sci fi/fantasy, historical fiction, Doctor Who and anything involving good swashbuckling.

Readers’ Advisory has been a passion of mine since I saw Leane Ellis speak at the Waltham Library 2 years ago.  In an industry that is constantly updating technology Readers’ Advisory is one of the places we can add a personal touch to our interactions with the patrons, and keep them coming back for more!

cchriste@cwmars.org (Cecily Christensen)

I’m the reference librarian at the Bellingham Public Library, and have worked there for 17 years. A number of years ago the library was awarded a Readers’ Advisory LSTA grant to study the historical fiction genre. I learned so much by participating that I was very happy to see the formation of this RA Roundtable. I enjoy mysteries of all types, as well as historical fiction and psychological fiction.

lbernheim@minlib.net (Laura Bernheim)

Hi everyone,
My name is Laura Bernheim and I’m the head reference librarian at the Waltham Public Library.  I love Readers’ Advisory though feel that I can always be better at it.  I co-wrote an LSTA grant for Readers’ Advisory grant a few years ago which led me to Leane Ellis in the Northeast Region, and allowed us to conduct our own Readers’ Advisory round table for my library staff.  The staff round table has been wonderful and we were so thrilled to continue with it, after the grant year concluded.  It has broken down boundaries between full and part time and MLS and non-MLS employees.  Participating in that round table, plus the Northeast Round Table, and now this round table has only strengthened my skills and has forced me to read out of my comfort zone.  I’m looking forward to our meetings!

mperkins@minlib.net (margaret Perkins)

I am the Director of the Medway Public Library. Previously, I worked at the Holliston Public Library for 12 years as the Reference Librarian and Technology Coordinator. I read mainly romance, romantic suspense, medical thrillers, and nonfiction – especially in biology, medicine, and behavioral economics.  I am glad to have a RA roundtable in our area.

aberard@cwmars.org (Anne Berard)

I’ve been a Reference & Outreach Librarian at the Milford Town Library for 17 years and an avid reader all my life. I  also facilitate a monthly book group at the Milford Senior Center which is a favorite part of my job. Reading is both deeply personal and communal–and I gain so much from the perspectives of other engaged readers. I love to read biographies, fiction, and non-fiction, especially about medicine, history and psychology. I look forward to exchanging ideas with other librarians at these roundtables, especially on books and authors who are new to me or outside my typical fare.

tflannery@minlib.net (TATANYA FLANNERY)

I work at the Weston Library’s reference desk and joined the RA group as a way to challenge myself to become more familiar with various genres and RA concepts. Thank you Meena for launching the group!

sbreen@minlib.net (Sarah Breen)

Hello Everyone!
I am a Reference Librarian at the Needham Free Public Library. I also work at the Newton Free Library. I just graduated from Simmons in December and I am really looking to improve my RA skills which I feel are a bit lacking. I am good at RA for YA and even children, but not so much fore adults. There is just so many options! I personally read a lot of mysteries, fantasy, and YA. I also try to read popular new books so I can recommend them to patrons. I’m really excited about joining this group and learning more about RA! I look forward to meeting you all!

cbermudez@worcpublib.org (Cynthia Bermudez)

Hi all. I am the Adult Outreach & Programming Manager at the Worcester Public Library.  We’re really seeking to amp up our Reader’s Advisory work here at WPL, so I thought this would be a good place to start. We’re hoping to apply for a Readers’ Advisory grant this year which may lead to a round table for the Central region. I read a lot of literary fiction, as well as some mysteries, thrillers and  fantasy, and I really enjoy working with readers to find them their next great read!

jteeven@massbay.edu (Jackie Teeven)

I am a Reference Librarian at MassBay Community College in Wellesley.  I have always been an avid reader and joined my public library’s book club 16 years to broaden my exposure to a wider variety of literary genres.  I have just joined the Metrowest Reader’s Advisory in order to broaden my knowledge base even further and plan to have a lot of fun along the way as I soak up interesting tidbits from all of you. My personal favorite genres are historical fiction, biographies and children’s literature – Wind in the Willows and Alice in Wonderland being two of my all time favorites.

acummings@minlib.net (Anne Cummings)

Hello to the group!  I’m delighted to have joined my first meeting this morning and look forward to continuing my RA journey.  A Boston transplant from NY, I was bitten by the Reader’s Advisory bug during grad school at Queens College when I had the pleasure of taking two courses with Mary K. Chelton, an accomplished and inspiring authority on the subject.    Connecting readers with fiction is my favorite aspect of librarianship and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity again at the Ref desk in the Needham Free Public Library.  One confession: I’m most comfortable with literary fiction, classic and contemporar,y and it would benefit me as a professional and a reader to step outside the cozy comfort of my interests and delve into unfamiliar genres.  I’m looking forward to sharing and learning from the group.

pbailey@minlib.net (Patty Bailey)

Hello! I am a late comer to the group. I work with Liz Reed at Morrill Memorial Library in Norwood. My current position is in Technical Services, but prior to this position, I worked a split between Circulation and Tech Services. Although I only spend a few hours on the Information Desk each week, I enjoy passing along RA to patrons. I am currently working on my LSSC certification through ALA and one of the competencies is RA. Fiction is my genre of choice, yet I am always up for a challenge!

c4brown@bridgew.edu (Christine Brown)

Hi everyone. I’m the head of the Educational Resource Center, a K-12 curriculum library, in Maxwell Library, Bridgewater State University. I’m very interested in bringing readers advisory services to the university library and am looking to hone my RA skills. RA and the academic library may seem like a mis-fit to some, but I hope to be able to show that that’s absolutely not the case and that RA and leisure reading not only do belong in college and university libraries, but that academic libraries will be better, hipper, and more welcoming places for it. I really look forward to joining the roundtable and being able to discuss literature and the promotion of books and reading with everyone. I love lots of different genres, but my favorites are mystery, horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.


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