Fan blogs, publishing blogs, librarian blogs, and genre blogs.

Bestseller Lists


Get information for your bookgroup or find out what other book groups are reading.


These are the major sites that also include bibliographic information, published reviews, and customer comments. They also have genre lists and best sellers.

Genre Magazines:

Library Awards

Portal Sites

Reviews from Publishers, Newspapers, and other resources

  • Kirkus provides reviews on fiction, nonfiction, teen, and children’s items.
  • Library Journal does reviews and supplies bonus features like Xpress Reviews, Prepub alerts, Collection Development, and In the Bookroom sections.
  • Publisher’s Weekly has reviews and online sales with their Weekly Online Sales Calendar (found under Announcements).
  • Booklist shares some reviews and lists on their site. You can also sign up for the reviews to be sent out as well with their Read Alert subscription.
  • All Reviews does book reviews from many sources, lots of biography and history genres.
  • Early Word has new title alerts, hot title info, and author chats.
  • Entertainment Weekly reviews books news and notes.
  • National Public Radio has reviews and interviews with authors.
  • New York Times and their book reviews.
  • Shelf Awareness has free newsletters with reviews and interviews.

Readers’ Advisory

Series Book Lists

  • What’s Next helps you figure out the title of third book in the seventh series written by that author you’ve just discovered. Searchable by title, series, and author.
  • Stop You’re Killing Me has mysteries, thrillers, suspense titles by genre location, author and title.

Other Resources


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