Time Travel Fiction

Name: Sarah Breen
Genre: Time Travel Sci-Fi
Title: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August
Author: Claire North
Appeal Factors: time travel, reincarnation
Read Alikes: Life After Life by Kate Atkinson
Summary/Thoughts: A good read for anyone who likes stories of reincarnation. Harry August dies and is reborn again and again. Very descriptive, not much dialogue. A little hard to follow since it jumps around from life to life.
The book bored me. Not much interesting happened and it didn’t grab my attention.


Name: Stefanie Claydon
Genre: Time Travel Scifi
Title: Almost Human
Author: Gareth Roberts
Appeal Factors: fast paced, well established characters/following, episodic, translates well into audio recordings
Read Alikes: other Doctor Who Novels, possibly Jim Butcher for the Dresden series, possibly Clive Cussler for the adventure aspect
Summary/Thoughts: A fun fast paced tv episode in book format. For the reader who is a fan of the TV series or someone looking for light science fiction with some of the technobabble still involved. Covers morality and ethics in an easy to digest way that isn’t beating you over the head. These short novels translate well into audio if there is a reader who really loves good stories read well. The readers are usually secondary characters from the TV show and a few were even read by the main characters – usually also excellent at doing multiple voices for different characters.


Name: Christine Muir
Genre: science fiction – time travel
Title: Slaughterhouse Five
Author: Kurt Vonnegut
Appeal Factors:
Read Alikes:
Summary/Thoughts: This book reads like the internal processing of wartime events that happened to Vonnegut himself. The story jumps around among various times and events and is not told in a linear fashion. It feels like a recollection of memories rather than true time travel. One reviewer noted that the construct of time travel offers a way in which life and death can be put into context, which may be true and validates the idea that Vonnegut used this story to consider and understand what happened to him at Dresden.


Name: Margaret Perkins
Genre: Time Travel Science Fiction
Title: The Reluctant Apprentice
Author: Eoin Colfer
Appeal Factors: Relatively fast paced, characters are quirky
Read Alikes: Alex Rider series, according to SLJ
Summary/Thoughts: The first book in a new series, this young adult title involves time travel in both directions, a lot of violence (perhaps an excessive amount), and several interesting and appealing characters. The 17 year old female protagonist is a very intelligent and resourceful FBI agent. Fourteen year old Riley is apprenticed to an assassin in Victorian London. Occasionally the author seems to remember than the book is aimed at young adults and states the obvious, which is probably obvious to young readers as well as adults. The book is fast paced and unusual to hold my interest, but I would not recommend it to young or sensitive teens (or sensitive adults for that matter).


Name: Pam Aghababian

Genre: Time Travel Science Fiction

Title: All Our Wrong Todays

Author: Elan Mastai

Appeal Factors: Fast-paced, funny, mind-bending (but not in a hurt-your-mind way)

Read Alikes: To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis, The Fold by Peter Clines

Summary/Thoughts: Tom Barren lives in the 2016 that we were promised in the 1950s, flying cars and all. When time travel is finally discovered, Tom ends up at the moment when all of these technological advances were made possible, but he screws something up and ends up in OUR 2016. As much about alternate realities as about time travel, this book is funny and smart and gets thinky without getting too thinky.